Pro Life

All the big DJs from Armin van Buuren to Paul van Dyk have supported the tracks, and now it is time to put the latest releases on a 13-track-compilation. On this CD you can find a great variety of different trance styles with a focus on high quality uplifting tunes. Talented producers from all around the world like Majai, Paul Miller, David Forbes meets William Daniel, Mindstream and Robert Burian can be found on this compilation as well as Talla’s own masterpieces like “Terra Australis”, “Salvation”, “Pro-Life”, “The Spirits Within” and the latest banging single “The Sound Of The Crowd”. Ummet Ozcan, Daniel Kandi, Scot Project, Bart Claessen and many more have delivered fantastic remixes. And for all of those who want to experience the sound of Tetsuo in a nonstop megamix, there will be a special code in every CD case. If you send this code to Tetsuo, you will get the megamix CD for free!

  • Featuring
  • ”Pro life” (Akira Kayosa Mix)

Compilation: Tetsuo Vol 2 – Talla2XLC
Released: February 16, 2011
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