10 Years

  1. Original Mix
  2. Pizz@dox Remix
  3. Arisen Flame Remix
  4. Alex Wright Remix

Esteemed UK trance producer Akira Kayosa teams up with New Zealand’s Leighton Smith to introduce the alias AKL and their flavoursome uplifter 10 Years!

The original has somewhat of a classic feel to it and with its encapsulating theme, is no doubt a breath of fresh air for both purests and those who cling firmly to the roots of uplifting trance!

Czech producer Pizz@dox, Polish starlet Arisen Flame and UK talent Alex Wright are all on hand to put this one through its paces, each seizing the opportunity to impress as their efforts tick all the right boxes!

10 Years – AKL
Released: December 3, 2012
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