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Titan Audio Remix Comp

In January, we will be launching a remix competition on Titan Audio. In short, there will be 3 tracks to choose from (we’ve selected 2 already). We thought to keep this process interactive we would let other people have input and choose the final track.. (I’ll pop a link to the shortlist of 4 in the comments).

We will have a panel of judges including a label regular and a very special guest judge who we are excited to have involved.

We want this to be open to people at all levels and hopefully to bring through some new talent in the process. There won’t be 1 single winner, if entries are strong enough, they will be released. We will also provide feedback and potentially help to get others over the line if we can hear the potential. Anyway, we will share the full details in early January, for now let us know which track you’d like to hear remixed or have a go at yourself!


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