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Nightingale XVII

Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland return once more to Titan Audio.

With ‘Nightingale XVII‘ the duo turns in a lush Trancer, with intricately crafted layers and atmosphere.

Early support as ever from Aly & Fila & Co.

Grab your copy here – https://bit.ly/2UAd0A1

DJ Mag Review – Tim Stark (8/10)

During your first spin of ‘Nightingale XVII’, a little voice tells you your sixth is going to be a remarkably different experience. Appreciation-wise, the first does just enough harmonically to beget a second, and from there, this is only going one way. Artful note arrangements, evocatively detuned/delayed piano, pad sway and an unhurried but inexorable rise up to its majestic mainline subtly make its case. Grower? That’d be an understatement.


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