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Akira Kayosa – Podcast #84 [SYN141]

Akira Kayosa’s podcast returns this time with a recent ‘Synthetica’ episode which was in fact a guest mix for the UK trance society.






1. Konstantin Kolyada – Open Gate (Original Mix) [Flashover]
2. Ricardo Ben – Chase Your Dreams (Original Mix) [Ascending Music]
3. Alex O’Rion ft J.Thompson – Show Me The Way (Original Mix) [Magik Musik]
4. Sunlight Project – Golden Shores (Morrison Kiers Mix) [Encata]
5. Y-Traxx – Mystery Land (Sickboys Courtyard Mix) [FFRR]
6. Lustral – When My Satellite Falls Down (Terry Bones Mix) [Audio Jelly]
7. Solo ft Vicky Fee – Find Your Way (Mke Shiver Dub Mix) [High Light]
8. Cressida – Two O Ten (Original Mix) [Euphonic]
9. Andy Tau – Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Infrasonic]
10. Suncatcher – Transylvania Cowirl (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
11. Kayosa & Tolland – Volkach (Original Mix) [FSOE]
12. The Cracken – Annette (Original Mix) [Discover]
13. The Thrillseekrs – Just Because (Original Mix) [Adjusted]
13. Alex Di Steffano – From Heaven To Inferno (Original Mix) [ITWT]
14. Sean Tyas – Da Doo Da Dah (Original Mix) [Subculture]
15. Miroslav Vrilik & Andre Visor – Mental Effect (Original Mix) [Monster]
16. Talla 2XLC & Binary Finery ft S.Tosun – Believe In Everything (Original Mix) [Tetsuo]
17. Andy Moor – Resurrection (Indecent Noise Mix) [Ava]
18. John Askew – Can I Be Frank (Original Mix) [FSOE]
19. Reeson – Chords Of Life (Factor B Mix) [Pure Trance]
20. Darren Porter – To Feel Again (Original Mix) [FSOE]
21. ReLocate vs Robert Nickson – Initium (Ferrin & Morris Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
22. Kheiro & Medi – Atma (Kayosa & Tolland Mix) [Titan Audio]
23. Carl B – Solitude (Original Mix) [Somatic Sense]
24. Sophie Sugar – Call Of Tomorrow (John O’Callaghan Mix) [Galactive]
25. Simon Patterson & Magnus – Evoke (Original Mix) [WAO138]



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