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Akira Kayosa – Podcast #49 [Majefa]

Akira Kayosa’s podcast retruns this time with a recent live set from Majefa in Manchester




Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Majefa 12th April 2014 02:30-04:00AM


1. Darren Porter – Terraforming (Majefa Intro)
2. Ben Nicky & James Dymond – Refresh (Original Mix)
3. Danny Young – Fly Away (Majefa Edit)
4. Martin Duckworth ft Amber Traill – Let Me Go (Akira Kayosa Edit)
5. Reverse – Distant Destiny (Original Mix)
6. Matt Bowdidge – Still By You Side (Majefa Edit) 
7. Greg Downey – Vivid Intent (Original Mix)
8. Steven Brooks – Beta Motion (Original Mix) 
9. Curtis Young – From Behind (Ben Nicky Mix) (Majefa Edit)
10.Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Muriwai (Majefa Edit)
11.Alex Morph ft Ana Criado – Sunset Boulevard (Original MIx)
12.James Rigby – Lockdown (Majefa Edit)
13.Vincent de Moor – Flowtation (Signum Signal Mix) (Majefa Edit)
14.Tangle – The Night (Original Mix)
15.Kheiro & Medi – Atma (Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland Mix)
16.Ferry Corsten ft Jenny Wahlstrom – Many Ways (Will Atkinson Mix)
17.Manuel le Saux – Precious (Darren Porter Mix)
18.Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Majefa (Majefa Edit)

One More
19. Michael Dow – Ascent (Original Mix)


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