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AK4 ft Hugh Tolland – Majefa

So here we have it, Majefa 12, what a night at the new venue, great people and event in Manchester yet again. We had some issues on the night opening room 2 on the night, my set actually ran to about 3.5 hours instead of the programmed 4.

Enjoy this full exact reconstruction from the night. 12:00AM – 3:45AM – Manchester Acadamy, UK

Tracklist will be up once I have the energy and time. AK

Download Link – https://bit.ly/2Y5quGA

Joining me on stage about 2 hours in was my long time buddy, label and production partner Hugh Tolland. As is the trend with my special extended sets at Majefa, this is AK4, a journey through Techno, Progressive, Trance, IDs, few oldies and more.


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