The Story (Maarten De Jong Mix)

The very best in Slinky volume 01, featuring the superb Maarten De Jong remix of ”The Story” Track 12 – The Story (M De Jong Mix)



Featuring Akira Kayosa – Boxjammer

Diamonds To Dust

Another superb sampler from Mondo records diplaying the excellent releases from 2010 ”Daybreakers” Featuring Diamonds To Dust


The ‘Best Of 2010’ is a mix of uplifting and progressive trance from artists such as; Tritonal, Dan Stone, Myon & Shane 54, Audien, Arty, Rory Gallagher, Yuan, Colonial One, Sasha Virus, Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland. Featuring  A Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Surya

Catch 22

Akira Kayosa Mix Original Mix Re Rub Mix Oxygen Shadow Mix


Featuring A Kayosa & H Tolland – Surya

Ass You Wish

With ‘Trance The Ultimate Collection – Best Of 2010’ you will get all the big trance hits and club anthems of 2010 on 3 CDs, packed in a beautiful looking and exclusive silver cardboard digipack. The most popular dance genre of the world is leading for years and brings millions of party people together. If […]

Biscay Bay

Featuring ReOrder ft Stine Grove – Biscay Bay (Akira Kayosa Mix)

Grey To Green

Original Mix Akira Kayosa & Pete Drury Mix Dave Horne Mix Absract Vision & Elite Electronic Mix


Original Mix Part 1 Original Mix Part 2

Southern Cross

Featuring the Best of Redux Vol 1 Featuring Akira Kayosa – Southern Cross


Talla’s popular Technoclub cd series returns Featuring Akira Kayosa – Sakana

State Of Origin

Original Mix Coll & Tolland Mix Danilo Ercole Mix

State Of Origin

Flashovers ADE bundle for 2010 Featuring State Of Origin (Danilo Ercole Mix)

Deepblue Records proudly presents the third and final installment in the highly acclaimed Blueprints LP series – a stunningly crafted album featuring 27 quality electronic dance tracks across 2 mixes. Showcasing a vast array of rising talents in the tech and progressive trance scene, including brand new and previously unreleased tracks on the label. Compiled […]

State Of Origin

Ever since the kick off of his “Once Upon A Night” tour in March of this year, Ferry Corsten has been busy travelling the world, playing in front of thousands of ecstatic fans at sold out venues, night after night. The initial mix compilation that appeared as a result of this worldwide victory, hit number […]

Everything Ends

Featuring Everything Ends (Med vs Bamford Mix)


Pedro Del Mar: Euphoric Trance Essentials Vol Featuring A Kayosa & H Tolland – Surya


Original Mix Vadim Miner Mix Rob Andrew Mix Steve Allen Mix

Biscay Bay

Original Mix Akira Kayosa Mix Akira Kayosa Dub Ferry Tayle Mix

The Story

Club nation mixed by Tezija & Keyra Featuring The Story (Maarten De Jong Mix)

Pro Life

Talla’s popular Technoclub CD series, Vol 33 Featuring Pro Life (Akira Kayosa Mix)

Everything Ends

Original Mix Suncatcher Mix Med vs Neil Bamford Mix


Original Mix Original Extended Mix Eldritch Project Mix Temple One Mix Sasha Virus Mix